Republic of Apartments

IDA (nternational Design Awards) 2023, Silver, Print-Books category

Graphis Competition, New Talent Awards 2023, Silver Award

Communication Arts, 2023 Design Annual winner

-Printed on Mohawk 80
-16p Signature
-Naked sewn binding
-Debossing and gloss foil on the cover

Often called the Republic of Apartments, Korea is full of them. An apartment, to many Koreans, is the most sought-after item, with more than 60% of the population living in one. My book is a six-chapter exploration of this phenomenon. In it, I discussed the history and attributes of Korean apartments. 

I used a lot of raw materials such as hardboard, naked binding, and plate imaging on the poster, and I used uncoated paper to evoke the image of a concrete building in construction. I also created a new grid system of uniform rectangles that was intended to mimic the look of apartment windows viewed at a distance. The uniformity in the grid's design reinforces the fact that apartments are where people share the same equally divided space.

In Korea, about 6 people out of 10 live in apartments. According to the latest report by Statistics Korea in 2019, the country had 11.3 million apartments, accounting for 62.3 percent of all housing. The country is sometimes nicknamed “The republic of apartments.”

Every title page represents a different household and it shows how residents live. This reinforces the idea of stacking and floor of an apartment.