Mom Alone

Multiplatform Game Intervention

Mixed media, Motion graphic,
OBS,Twitch, After Effects, Illustrator,Photoshop

Mom Alone is a series of works that explores virtual worlds, through a livestream performance that took place on Twitch.

The mission was to choose a multiplatform game and make an intervention based on the observation and experience of the game. The second part of the brief was recreating the game as an event (any kind of media format) based on the first intervention.

The game I chose was 'One Hour One Life'. One Hour One Life is a multiplayer survival game about parenting and civilization-building. There were specific gender roles in the game where if a user plays a mother, they get to take care of babies, whereas the father role was mainly working for the community. So I’ve decided to make an intervention where I can interfere with the specific gender role.

Part 1 
Intervention: What if I interfere with gender stereotypes?
I made an intervention by which a male character can also play the role of a babysitter. I tried to discover what kind of restrictions exist, and also how other users might react to them. Through this intervention, I wanted to point out the gender inequality in the game and, I hope, create an opportunity to question and discuss this issue.

Part 2
Live Stream Show on Twitch (Interaction as Event): Observational Entertainment
The second part was to create a live-stream performance (Interaction as an Event) on Twitch based on the intervention. For my event, I incorporated an observational entertainment show (link) format that is popular in Korea. Observational entertainment shows focus on celebrities’ daily routines by setting up hidden cameras in their residences and observing their behaviors when they are at home alone,  very similar to the movie The Truman Show. Inspired by this idea, I created a show where viewers can observe Mom’s daily life routine from the game. By doing this I wanted to point out how mom's life in the game and their gender role is different from male characters.

Twitch Channel:

Visual Language
For the branding of the entertainment show, I incorporated feminine elements because I wanted to apply a satirical (ironic) point of view to reinforce my critical point of view instead of telling the story in a generic way. So I created graphic elements that people can normally associate with female attributes such as pink color, soft shapes, and curvy typeface for the visual language of the show. The main characters in the show are basically only two: the mom and the baby. It is essentially the story of how female characters' roles are being repetitive in the game. So I created four different stages of mom’s life (baby-girl-woman-senior) for the main cast of the show. 

Mom Alone Twitch Channel