Mental Health America Rebranding

IDA (nternational Design Awards) 2023, Gold, Print-Corporate Identity Rebranding

Graphis Competition, New Talent Awards 2023 Honorable Mention

Deliverables: Brand Update, Logo Design, Environmental Graphics

Mental Health America(MHA) is America’s leading nonprofit organization. A problem they faced was outdated graphics that had them under-differentiated and unprofessional brand image. This is problematic because the issue of mental illness is more important now than ever before, and nonprofits’ dependence on funding and donation means their impact relies on their outreach.

Until now, mental health treatment has been focused on traditional therapy and medication, but due to advances in technology, it is expected that there will be new treatment approaches in the future. Rebranding MHA not only brings them a fresh and approachable brand identity but also re-positions them as the leading organization for future treatments of mental health.

Logo concept: 

The inspiration for the new logo comes from brain scans which will be the key to mental health treatments in the future. I extended this idea to a flexible identity where small dots in the logo keep forming different shapes. By doing this I wanted to convey the idea that mental illness is just about being different, and that there's no one normal form.

I also focused on colors in this rebranding process. While maintaining their original colors, orange and blue, I wanted to give them a more uplifting and bright identity with several bright color options. By doing this I wanted to change their seriousness into something more positive, approachable, and bright.

Social Awareness Campaign: Advertising social awareness campaigns through public transportation can be the most effective way to encourage the widest public to get more help. By educating statistics about mental illness with colorful graphics, the public can be informed about how mental illness is common in our society.

Mental Health America Annual Conference: MHA conference explores different topics within each conference day. Highlighting each topic with uplifting colors and graphic elements can deliver a positive impression about the event and organization. The conference also offers an exhibition about social awareness and a package that can empower people. This opens up more opportunities to talk about mental health issues.

Digital application: MHA’s new homepage provides a unified digital experience to give the audience a wider touch point of the brand.

Stationery: New stationery design will empower their fresh brand identity by focusing on brand colors and slogans on stationery.